Death by Romance, by Anne Kennison with an #Excerpt and #Giveaway

The murder of Gordon Taylor, prominent businessman and philanthropist, has Detective Ryan Hamlin stumped. No viable suspects, no decent leads. When a chance conversation breaks the case wide open, Detective Hamlin suddenly has a long list of unlikely suspects who, with a “perfectly legal” multimillion-dollar investment to protect, must make sure that none of them is convicted or everything will be lost. That’s when the deception and finger-pointing begin. The detective is certain he’s headed down the path that will lead to the killer, but is he?

  by Anne Kennison

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To hook Gordon into marriage, Jessica had to morph into someone who’d fit into his who’s who social circle. She had no proof, yet she was certain that the flossed and glossed females of the world she’d come to inhabit were forever looking down their perfectly sculpted noses at her. She hadn’t been born into and certainly didn’t grow up in wealth, let alone the inherited old money in which the people with whom she exchanged air kisses at the club enjoyed with comfort and a sense of unquestioned entitlement. Jessica would have been surprised to know that she was well-liked and thought of as poised, competent, and gracious. Of course, only she knew how she got to be Mrs. Gordon Taylor. She would never stop feeling slightly out of place despite all the training she had had. She felt like the fraud she was, and there were times, like that night, when the effort of being the new her was exhausting. All she wanted at that moment was to successfully get through the evening. For that, she needed Gordon by her side.


Author Bio

Anne Kennison’s unique plot twist comes from a fertile imagination honed by 20-plus years as a trusts and estates attorney. Now retired from the practice of law, Anne lives in Richmond, Virginia, with her husband, Dale, and two Ragdoll cats, Grady and Elliott. When she’s not writing the sequel to Death by Romance, Anne loves to travel, dabble in photography, and spend time with her two adorable granddaughters.

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