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Fated for Sanchez
by Kristin Ravelle






Fated for Sanchez by Kristin Ravelle

“How is it that you’ve come to have the demeanour of a spitting alley cat?” Sanchez strode rapidly out into the 22nd floor hallway after her, catching her by the wrist and unceremoniously hauling her up against the deep green hallway wall, the office doors mercifully closing behind him.

“What has happened to the enticing, albeit somewhat naïve, siren who came to Malaga four years ago? And do not pretend outraged female with me. I know you better than that, Lilli, having watched you all too closely that summer.” Two strong arms held her shoulders against the wall, leaving her no room to maneuver.

Lilli was suddenly too close to six-foot, virile Latin male and in unwilling thrall of his sensual closeness. He was pushing both high-powered and sensual attraction at the same time that riled every sensitive molecule of her skin.

He was shameless. Sanchez didn’t even wait one moment to remind her of the… incident, she recalled with an embarrassment that sent her outrage into overdrive.

“Four years has happened, Señor,” she retorted fiercely, willing herself to resist his incredible appeal. “And I know you just well enough to warn you not to manage me like one of your deals,” she spit out, refusing to look into his eyes. For that would surely be the undoing of her. Sanchez’ eyes would delve down into her soul, seducing every inch of her.

Somehow her eyelashes fluttered upward regardless of their own accord. Did she tremble as his gaze speared her? She must have, for his grip changed ever so slightly from angry to possessive, and she felt the sensual shift to the very bottoms of her toes.

“Manage you? Dio, you exaggerate, Lilli.” He lifted a dark eyebrow. “I could never treat you like a business deal. The very laws of fate would never allow it.” He looked over her face with such wonder and astonishment Lilli struggled to focus on understanding what he was saying.

“Four years is not forever, though I do find you changed, Lilli.” He lifted one of his hands to run it down the side of her cheek. “You were like a rosebud when you came to my house that summer in Malaga.” His eyes took in her loose hair and the wildly confused expression that now resonated rampantly through him too.

Lilli could barely make sense of how swiftly those four years were melting away like ice in a desert storm under his burning, cognac-tinted eyes.

“But now, you are unfolding like a veritable Goya painting.” This close to Lilli’s delectable curves and enchanting face, Sanchez felt himself quickly succumbing to the incredible tide of wanton desire he’d checked and re-checked that summer four years ago and which hadn’t diminished at all in four years. Quite the opposite.

“Yes, well, that was a long time ago, Señor,” Lilli breathed out, not entirely believing her own words but needing to put distance between them. “And as you say, I’ve changed,” she stated boldly, telling herself that the faint waft of his cologne and scent of his skin wasn’t enticing in the least.

“I suspect not that much, Lilli.” His hand slipped like a feather down her side. “There was something I never took the opportunity to do when you were in Malaga. Something I then longed very much to do the entire time you stayed with us, tantalizing me.” His voice dropped to a low murmur as his eyes devoured her, pinning her where she stood just with his look.

“I never kissed you.” And Sanchez suddenly slanted his beautiful mouth inexorably over her own.

His startling admission and the unexpected sensation of Sanchez’s lips now caressing her own sent her already unstable senses keening out of control. Lilli just melted under his very tactile touch against the hallway wall.

He kissed her mouth gently at first, shocking her with intense little quivers that seduced her to open her mouth to him. The promise of all the volcanic looks he’d once shot in her direction four years earlier now coalesced into a shimmering spasm of pleasure and she sank faster than a paper cup in a maelstrom.

A tiny, pleading sound escaped her mouth as she surrendered and then gave way to the delicious pressure of his firm lips. At the slip of his tongue, she fell instantly into a vortex of heady pleasure.

This was only the very tip of the depth of passion that Sanchez had denied her years ago, she realized dimly somewhere in the part of her mind that was still in the real world. A passion he’d never loosened on her out of respect for a young guest in his home under his protection.

And now, here he was, she realized in a fog of sensual wonder. He was not a dream. He was holding her, and wanting her if his increasingly unrestrained attention was anything to go by.

Gradually the remembrance that he was clever and accustomed to manipulating things the way he wanted them crept back into her passion-hazed mind. Clever enough to use what he might still believe to be her attraction to him to keep her from challenging him for her family trust. She struggled to get free of the luxurious taste and feel of him like a mad thing.

Sanchez only laughed softly as he gradually, reluctantly released her.

“I should never have allowed you to leave me four years ago, Lilli.” His darkened eyes roamed over her. “Even then, though younger, your passions ran in the same vein as mine.” He ran a thumb over her responsive lower lip. “Dulce mia,” he promised intently. “Whatever you say, I will see to it that this time you are mine.”

“I will see you in hell!” Lilli abruptly yanked free of his grasp and lit off down the hallway to the stairwell as if a pack of demons were chasing her.



Kristin Ravelle

My imagination has been in overdrive since grade six when I wrote, cast, and produced my own play (all of two pages long)! I grew up reading romance novels coming out of high school but since then have slipped into romance with a twist: paranormal, gothic, foreign, steam punk even. I love dark and enigmatic heroes. Naturally these are the genres I’m interested in writing too. I’m a totally rebellious Indie author forever and hope you’ll check out my titles as I explore and grow with the Indie publishing movement!

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